Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to be ashamed of one's self

Christians have Lent, Muslims have Ramadan, and Jews have Yom Kippur. The Jewish Day of Atonement, which occurs around September or October of every year, is one unique and funny day. In theory, you are supposed to fast for a day to atone for your sins, and ask for forgiveness from everyone you know for any wrong-doing that you may have done to them. Sounds reasonable? Just wait…
The weird part about Yom Kippur is that many people who are secular still fast during it. Some do it for coolness and others as a display of machoism (even women). Ironically, it seems many people don’t really get the idea…abstaining from eating for a long period of time is supposed to make you suffer, which is why you’re supposed to do it to atone for having committed sin. The result is that thousands of people stay at home, starving themselves while watching comedy marathons or surfing the web. Internet usage in Israel during Yom Kippur spikes by about 200%, and the video libraries clean out a few days before.

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